Plant List – Southampton

Benham’s ongoing commitment to continued investment in the latest machine tool technology, staff and
processes ensures that we can achieve comprehensive, cost effective high quality manufacturing solutions.

5 Axis CNC Milling

3 x Mazak Variaxis 500 – 5 Axis Machining Centres – 120 tool carousel, pallet loading and gun drilling

Mazak Variaxis 630

2 x Mazak Variaxis 500

Hurco VMX50 HT with integrated Niken 5 Axis

CNC Turning

3 x Mazak SQT 250M

Mazak QT10

Mazak QT15


Mastercam, Matrixcam and Camware MT

5 Axis, 2D and 3D programming

3D modelling

CNC Milling

2 x Mazak FJV-2- Machining Centres

Mazak HCN 6000 Horizontal Machining Centre

Hurco BM30 Machining Centre

Grinding and Honing

Okamoto OGM250 PNC – CNC External Cylindrical Grinder

Cylindrical and surface Grinding

Sunnen Hone Model 1802

CNC Mill turn

Mazak Integrex i400 – 5 Axis – 76 tool carousel, gun drilling capability and steady

Mazak Integrex i200 – 5 Axis – 72 tool carousel, gun drilling

3 x Mazak Integrex 200 – 5 Axis – 80 tool carousel, gun drilling

Mazak Integrex 300 – 5 Axis – 40 tool carousel, sub-spindle

2 x Mazak Integrex J200 – 5 Axis 72 and 36 tool carousel, gun drilling

Inspection Facilities

3 x Mitutoyo CNC Co-ordinate measuring machine

Brown and Sharpe CNC Co-ordinate measuring machine with 5 Axis head

Aberlink Co-ordinate measuring machine

ViciVision Optical Measurement

Trimos Height Gauges

Taylor Hobson Talysurf

Mitutoyo Shadowgraph

CMM Inspection to model

Plant List – Wimborne

CNC Mill Turn

Mazak Integrex i200 – 5 Axis – 72 tool carousel

Mazak Integrex 100 – 5 Axis – 40 tool carousel, sub-spindle

CNC Turning

Mori-Seiki SL250 – 10 station turret, c axis driven tooling

Mori-Seiki CL15 – 12 station turret & barfeed

Mori-Seiki SL153 – 12 station turret, live tooling, sub-spindle & barfeed

Mori-Seiki NL2000M – 12 station turret, C axis with driven tooling, barfeed

Okuma Howa Act 3 – 12 station turret, programmable tailstock & barfeed

Biglia B301YS – 12 station turret, C axis with driven tooling, sub-spindle & barfeed

Hardinge Elite – 12 station turret, live tooling & barfeed

Daewoo Lynx 200B – 10 station turret & barfeed

Emco 342 – 12 station turret

CMZ TC35M – – 12 station turret, C axis with driven tooling

5 Axis CNC Milling

OKK VP400-30 5 Axis Machining Centre – 30 tool carousel – through coolant

OKK VP400-60 5 Axis Machining Centre – 60 tool carousel – through coolant

Inspection Facilities

Mitutoya CNC Co-ordinate measuring machine

Trymos Sylvac Height Gauge

Mitutoyo Profile Projector

Mitutoyo 600 Electronic Height Gauge

Mitutoyo Surftest

CNC Milling

Bridgeport VMC1000 Machining Centre

Bridgeport VMC600 Machining Centre

Bridgeport VMC560 Machining Centre

Brother TCS2A Machining Centre

Brother TC32B Machining Centre

Brother TCS2C Machining Centre


AlphaCam Ultimate

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